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The main technical features of advanced ceramic cutting blade:
extremely sharp cutting edge;
virtually never-ending cut (up to 50 times top quality metallic materials);
zirconia will flex in a similar manner to steel blades;
no contamination due to the blade oxidation (rust);
no metallic contamination;
high temperature capabilities without hardness loss;
low adhesion properties;
hardness: 12 GPa (over 70 HRC)

AISI 425 stainless steel

Tensile strength: high.
Cutting life: a good lasting edge.
Resistance to rust: good.
This material is a very good compromise between the 420 and 440A.
It improves the mechanical properties, the rust-resistance and the life of the edge with reference to the well know and popular AISI 420.

AISI 440 C stainless steel

Tensile strength: good (because we use a thick material).
Cutting life: very long lasting edge.
Resistance to rust: not particularly resistant but we have developed just now with our steel plant a new material similar to AISI 440 C but well resistant to the oxidation.
We use this material against customer's request.
This is a top-professional material.

AISI 304 stainless steel

We do not make knives with this material even if it offers the highest resistance to the oxidation.
It is not a cutting material and the professional divers are refusing it.
The knife must be a safety and a utility device and not an ornament.

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